Manual Rigid Backpack for BLK ARC

 1.900,00 iva escl.


Manual Rigid Backpack for BLK ARC

The MBP-BLKARC Backpack is an injection-molded backpack that is watertight, airtight and virtually crushproof. It is made of TTX01 polypropylene plastic resin with a micro-textured surface to reduce scratching .
The interior has been shaped to safely contain an BLKARC with a battery and accesso-ries. The upper part it is equipped with a DC 12V and USB-C socket to power and acti-vate the BLKARC without using a smartphone.

Dimensions: 49,8x37x18,5(cm) – 19.61×14.58×7.28(in)
Weight: 6 Kg – 13.2 lbs (with battery and BLKARC)

• USB-C cable of 50 cm (0.2in) for connection of BLKARC on the top of extension
• DC cable of 50 cm (0.2in) for BLKARC power
• Extension diam. 35 mm, length 35 cm (0.14in)


Bracket for BLK ARC to be ordered separately