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Scan&Go DRIVE is a “STOP & GO” system for topographic survey using 3D Laser Scanner combined with GNSS receivers

Scan&Go Drive can be installed on any type of vehicle. It was born from the necessity to make the use of 3D laser scanners more productive and performing during topographic activity and land surveys.

Composed of : (GNSS receivers and 3D laser scanner, not included)

  • 1 Level Plane 16 Radio, Automatic leveler (not dynamic)
  • 1 Magnetic Level Bracket
  • 1 Orientation target SferaZERO

Simple configuration:

Install the 3D Laser Scanner with GNSS receiver on the top of the Level Plane 16 Radio. Place another GNSS receiver with the target SferaZERO on the top of Magnetic Level Bracket for the orientation of the scanning.

While the Laser Scanner is scanning, the receivers get the measurements that will be elaborated later, and provide the geographical and local coordinates of the Laser Scanner and of the Target; this will allow the operator to obtain a tridimentional reference system with a topographic precision.


  • Higher laser scanner measuring range
  • Fast and easy mobility
  • Unnecessary common targets
  • Only one operator
  • Quicker surveying phase
  • Not relevant external environment
  • Reduced time of restitution of the scans
  • Excellent precision in positioning the scans