Lifting extensible system for vehicle roof

Level-Lift Roof has been created in order to take advantage to the Level-Plane 16 in land, infrastructural, architectural and structural surveying.
It’s composed of 4 pneumatic extensible segments (max 3.00 m height), a support plate for Level-Plane 16 and a solid frame that allows mounting on the roof rack of any vehicle. The systems is made from anodized aluminum.

Once the engine of the vehicle is off and the pole fully extended the system remains firm and stable during the scan session.

By using Level-Lift Roof combined with Level-Plane 16 and raising the 3D Laser Scanner gripping point it’s possible to obtain:
– significant increase of measurement range
– decrease of the scan sessions number
– saving of surveying time
– more detailed scans by cutting out balcony shadows, trays of windows and high parts not visible from the ground
– improving measurement quality due to the increased verticality of the gripping point.