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BLK ARC Scan Cart is a system mounted on a three-wheel trolley that allows you to move freely on the ground, inside industrial buildings, cycle paths and sidewalks. The extendable carbon pole can bring the BLK ARC to a height of 3.95 meters above the ground and can be easily levelled by three adjustable legs of carbon tripod. The trolley is equipped with a parking brake and a ballast bag to increase its stability during stops for scans. The entire system can be folded and disassembled to ensure easy transportation.

Composed of:
• trolley
• extendable carbon pole
• carbon tripod
• ballast bag (6 kg of gravel or sand not included)
• carry bags

• Fast and easy moves when scanning
• Scans at about 4 meters height
• Significant increase in the measurement range
• Greater precision and density of the point cloud
To be used with BLK ARC

The Bracket for BLK ARC to be ordered separately